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About Us

As the founder of the non-profit Pledge to Humanity, Gaby Ghorbani works to inspire young people to volunteer in their own communities as well as abroad. As the creator and designer for the newly launched brand, Love You More, she aims to share the fun, beautiful jewelry, accessories and clothing line that emphasizes her own personal pledge to humanity: a commitment to empower women with job skills and, more importantly, life skills. In many ways, the African proverb "if you educate a woman you educate a family" is at the heart of Love You More’s mission. 

The Love You More Bohemian Collection complements the original gold and pearl pieces in Love You More’s Classics Collection. Now a small group of women from Jalisco, Mexico handcraft many of our pieces, and women from our local community help with the finishing touches. Most of our items are handcrafted and as such, provide women with a new income stream to support themselves and their families. This is at the core of our story. 

The Bohemian Collection blends natural textures and materials with modern metals to create unique statement accessories. In addition to small workshops in Jalisco, we now partner with several artisans who are creating unique pieces for Love You More and contribute to our leather and vegan bag line as well as jewelry and clothing. We hope that you will fall in love with the story as well as this product which are lovingly handmade for you. 

We have also made a pledge to give back a portion of all proceeds to local charities as a way to give back to our community. Although Love You More is still a very young company, we have already made donations to Families without Borders, Danville Children's Guild, Katie's Clinic for Rhett Syndrome, Ninos de Roma, Pledge to Humanity, Moment by Moment and 1 Closet! And thanks to the recent Love You More open house in Alamo we will be sponsoring over 50 children from Jalisco, Mexico with school uniforms, shoes, one time tuition, backpacks, and school supplies! 

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